2020 quotes & insights

this is the digital version of the front page of one of my journals, I keep quotes + lessons that I learn throughout the year to remind myself as I come back.

another part of this is a reminder of how many days left till I turn 90 which is: 23,120 days

expectancy speeds progress
when I dug into this quote, I realized expectations don’t have to be a negative thing.. if you have a certain goal and you’re continously working towards you.. and you know that you won’t stop. you’re simply just expecting somewhere things will align. don’t overthink this one

success is not final ; failure is not fatal it’s the courage to continue that counts.

modify 3%.

the best way to love yourself, is to nourish yourself.

worriers are people who think of all the variables out of their control on what might happen.

i am a magnet to great blessings.

i am a spiritual being.

today i am going to meet god.

just do it.

ichigo ichie (some notes ichigo ichie).

what we are experiencing right now will never happen again.

dis traction == the art of losing traction.

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